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Where can I buy your products? TOP
Currently, our products are only available through our web site and at various gift shows (generally held Sept-Dec. each year). Check our schedule to see where we'll be next. Occasionally, we do sell items at the Memphis Woman's Exchange and are also happy to set up an appointment for you to stop by and view them in person.

Do you print on envelopes? TOP
No. At this time we do not print addresses or return addresses on envelopes. We do offer matching address labels in sets of 30 for $6.

Can I change the font or font color? TOP
Yes. You may specify a different font or font color for any product. However, the one shown is the one we recommend and is the way it will be printed unless otherwise specified.

Will I receive a proof for approval? TOP
As part of our standard process, we always email proofs of invitations or announcements. But, if you'd like to see something else before it is printed, please contact us in a separate email to request a proof prior to ordering.

Can any design be printed on any product? TOP
Yes. Most any picture or design that you see on this site can be printed on any product.

Can you change the colors on a design? TOP
Yes and no. All designs and pictures are original artwork. So, for a color to be changed, it must be re-painted or re-drawn. We are happy to do this for an additional design/artwork fee (amount varies by item). However, most borders, stripes, computer-created graphics or polka dots can be printed in any colors you'd like. Just contact us with your specific questions or requests.

What is the correct punctuation for a Family Name? TOP
The grammatically correct way to print a family name is with an "s" or "es". Many people think you should use an apostrophe but that actually makes it possessive (i.e. You would say 'The Sullivan's car' but if you are just refer'ing to the family you would write, 'The Sullivans'). Names that already end in "s" should add "es". (For example, for Betty and George Silas it would be The Silases). Many people think this seems strange and if so, we recommend 'The Silas Family'. This is also a good solution for blended families or any other situation when you are unsure.

How long does it take for an order to be processed? TOP
Generally, 1-2 weeks. Most likely within 1 week. We are proud to have a reputation for flexible and speedy service. Sometimes we will finish things as quickly as within a day or so. Other times it will be 4-5 days. At the most two weeks but that is rare.

Is there anyway to receive an order more quickly? TOP
Where there's a will, there's a way. Right? We realize that everyone is busy and often times you need your order quickly. This is especially true with invitations or last-minute gifts. We are happy to help you meet your personal deadlines. But, we reserve the right to assess a rush fee of $10 for orders needed within 48 hours and $20 for orders needed within 24 hours. Sometimes we finish that quickly on our own and obviously would not assess the fee if that is how it works out. This is at our discretion.

How will I receive my completed order? TOP
You may pick up your completed order in Bartlett/Lakeland (near Wolfchase). We will provide you with directions if needed. Or, we will ship to you via the Postal Service. See applicable shipping costs.

What is your return policy? TOP
Due to the personalized nature of our products, they may not be returned unless there was a mistake made on our part. If it is a non-personalized item, you may switch it for something of equal value.

What if there is an error on my order? TOP
We strive for accuracy but due to the sheer volume of orders, and the highly personalized and customized nature of our products, mistakes do happen. If we make a mistake, we will re-print it right away and get the revised item to you as quickly as possible. We try to go above and beyond if a mistake is made to be sure that you come away happy, satisfied and receive your corrected order within your desired timeframe.

I'm planning to move or have a baby. Can I get my envelopes in advance to begin addressing them? TOP
Yes. We are happy to provide you with your envelopes in advance. You'll just need to pay a 50% deposit in order to receive them. The balance will be due when the order is completed.

Do you create custom designs? TOP
Yes. All of our artwork is original. If you don't see something you'd like, just let us know. Some of our best designs have come from the ideas of customers. Depending on whether or not the design is "resalable", there may be a custom artwork fee.

Can I get on your mailing list? TOP
Sure. We send out monthly email specials and occasional post cards about upcoming events. Click here to sign up.

What are your shipping costs? TOP
We do not intentionally "mark up" shipping costs. We try to charge you about what it costs us including packaging. The rates (unless otherwise determined) are:

Up to $12: $2
$13-20: $3
$21-40: $4
$41-60: $5
$61+: $6

Is tax included in your prices? TOP
Yes. To make it easier on everyone.

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