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School Supply Labels

Our Products > School Supply Labels

School Supply Labels
  • Super Skinny for school supplies such as markers, pencils, glue, scissors, tupperware, etc.
  • Choose from 2 sizes: (the "Long" labels are featured in picture above)
                 Long (2.75" x .045") - 57 per sheet
                 Mini (1.75" x .05") - 80 per sheet
  • Dishwasher safe
  • All Same Design
  • Make it a Split Sheet Design (divided sheet of 2 names) for an additional $4
  • Text Only, no pictures or backgrounds  
  • Choose text colors (i.e. girl blend, boy blend, school colors, etc). Note - No Yellow
  • Girl Blend = Hot/Light Pink, lime, aqua and lavendar
  • Boy Blend = red, blue, green, brown
  • It split sheet, note second name and colors below

(NOTE: Crayola has recently changed the type of paper they wrap their crayons in. These do not stick as well to Crayola crayons due to the waxy content of their paper.) We promise, you will still find endless uses for them!



Label Size:
Colors to be Used (no yellow):
Make it a split sheet (2 names): (add $4)
Colors to be used for 2nd name (no yellow):
Personalization for 2nd name:
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